NET Foundation aims to provide theological and missionary organizations with easily accessible didactic learning and innovative technology, pedagogical training and implementation advice and course materials to advance theological education both in quality as well as quantity. 

Based on our mission, NET Foundation offers the following services: 

  • Offering a high-quality learning management system which allows your seminary to support and enhance the teaching and learning process 
  • Facilitating workshops and consultancy related to the implementation of blended theological distance education 
  • Developing and sharing course materials, knowledge and experience with NET participants regarding digital distance learning 
  • At the same time NET Foundation is establishing strategic partnerships with complementary organizations regarding educational technology, content libraries, research, etcetera. 

The main reason for most theological institutions to start implementing e-learning is to have access to new (distance) students. Other important reasons are: more flexibility for students & staff, efficient preparation and follow-up of face-to-face classes (blended learning), lifelong learning for graduated students and others. 

NET Foundation supports theological organizations with a Biblical vision for contextual need, with sufficient access to internet and computers, with a leadership willing to support the transformation process and prepared to invest in staff and competence development. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my institute need online learning?

Online learning allows more students to access your high-quality curriculum. The combination of classroom and online education (blended learning) is a cost-efficient and effective way to enable students to study where and when it suits them best, while at the time staying well connected with their teacher and other students.

Is the teaching Biblical and suitable for my context?

The courses are generic, and possibly need to be adapted to the context by the local team. NET Foundation will hand out guidelines and, if needed, training to contextualize the material. The adaptions must be done by the local team, using the parameters NET Foundation utilised when writing the material. The local team has the freedom to make changes without altering the core content of the courses.

What is involved in implementing blended learning successfully?

The most important success factors are:

(a) a clear (educational) vision about online learning and training of students

(b) availability of motivated employees and expertise (including an e-learning coordinator)

(c) a clear and realistic implementation plan that includes a step-by-step introduction of online education

(d) computers and reliable internet access.



We work especially in those areas where the church has few equipped pastors and where the church is persecuted or discriminated against.

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