Adriaan Verwijs

Coordinator Study centre India/Asian country

Apollo Makara

Coordinator Study centre Uganda

Coordinator translations

Gatimu Lazarus

Coordinator Study centre Kenya/Zambia

Coordinator marketing

Timon van Doleweerd

Coordinator Partner institutions

Raymond Warnaar

Coordinator Studiecentra

Missionary director

Corien de Wit

Coordinator Train & Meet


Wilfred van der Kooij

Volunteer Study Centre India/Asian country

Jorinda Mulder

Helpdesk ItsLearning

Hanny Roeleveld


Our vision and mission

NET Foundation wants to provide these pastors with the knowledge, skills and guidance they need. We do this in collaboration with local Bible-based congregations and educational institutions so that they can perform the work as a pastor or evangelist with faithfulness and ability (2 Timothy 2: 2). Our desire is that the local pastor or church leader, through his calling and ministry, will see fruit at work in the local church and community and be more resilient against wrong influences from outside.

Our mission is to equip, guide and encourage pastors for work in God’s Kingdom. To make that possible, it is important that they not only possess Biblical and theological knowledge, but also that they are also able to carry out their work with ‘head, heart and hands’, based on an inner conviction and with practical skills. To make this possible, NET Foundation wants to connect as much as possible with the context of its target group and make use of the efforts of local employees and partner schools.

Our core values