The introduction of NET training for pastors in Togo marked a significant milestone with a vision-casting session last year in the capital city of Lomé and Kara. The sessions saw the participation of pastors eager to understand the vision and mission of NET for their target group. The vision-casting was fruitful, generating interest and enthusiasm among the pastors who expressed a keen desire to engage in the local work of NET, highlighting a collective eagerness to commence training. 

In March 2024, the momentum continued with the kickstart of pastors’ training across Togo, showcasing an impressive turnout from north to south: Dapaong (46 participants), Kara (55), Sokodé (52), Atakpamé (61), and Lomé (57). The pastors’ overwhelmingly positive response highlights the potential impact and effectiveness of NET’s mission in empowering church leaders and churches through tailored training programs.