During the recent visit to Seminario Bíblico de Uruguay (SBU) in Montevideo, a transformative workshop on ‘Transformational Education’ was conducted by Edgar, aimed at enhancing the teaching methodologies employed by the dedicated educators at SBU. The workshop delved into innovative approaches to education, emphasizing not only the transfer of knowledge but also the holistic transformation of students. Edgar’s insightful session was well-received, fostering a collaborative atmosphere among the teachers as they explored ways to implement these transformative principles in their classrooms.

It’s heartening to note that the impact of this workshop is already reverberating within the seminary community. Currently, 36 SBU students are actively engaged in the learning process through the platform. This platform serves as a dynamic conduit for educational interaction, allowing students to access resources, participate in discussions, and engage with course materials from anywhere. The active involvement of students reflects the successful integration of modern technology with the timeless principles of theological education, creating an enriching and accessible learning environment.

The ongoing collaboration between Edgar, the faculty, and the students at SBU exemplifies the commitment to advancing theological education in Uruguay. As the seminary community continues to embrace transformative pedagogies, it is evident that SBU is not only a center for academic learning but also a nurturing ground for holistic personal and spiritual development. The strides taken in implementing ‘Transformational Education’ signify a promising future for both the seminary and its students as they embark on a journey of profound intellectual and spiritual growth.