At the NET Foundation, we are privileged to witness the profound impact of our online theological education programs, where the ripple effect of knowledge and spiritual growth extends far beyond the individual participant. This transformative journey is a testament to the enriching experiences and growth that unfold through our programs, guided by God’s grace.

Our online theological courses have witnessed a remarkable narrative of participants who, by immersing themselves in the NET curriculum, have not only deepened their understanding but have emerged as trainers and ministers better equipped to spread the Word of God. The story doesn’t end with individual growth; it extends into communities and congregations as these empowered individuals become catalysts for positive change.

Currently, we’re privileged to host 123 active participants in our online programs, each playing a role in enriching the vibrant tapestry of theological knowledge and spiritual growth. Notably, a portion of this engagement is attributed to our esteemed partner organization, GlobalRize International, broadening the scope of our mission and amplifying our impact.

The stories we hear are inspiring—participants transformed by the gospel of Christ and evolving from students to teachers, sharing the wealth of Bible knowledge gained with their communities. As we celebrate these milestones, we are reminded of the collective impact we can achieve through accessible and impactful theological education.

This journey of growth and transformation is not just about numbers; it’s about the lives touched, the communities uplifted, and the ministers better equipped to spread the gospel. We express our gratitude to each participant and partner organization for being integral to the success of NET Online Theological Education.