Last year, NET invited all leading partners to an IMPACT Gathering in Dubai to discuss the impact of NET training in Asia. Following a productive session with our Asian partners, we are excited to report that the IMPACT Gathering took place in Kenya from April 8th to 12th, bringing together our local African teams who are committed to promoting enduring change and positive transformation within their church communities. 

During the gathering, we emphasized the importance of redefining training approaches and embracing flexibility and innovation to achieve the greatest spiritual impact across diverse contexts. Key sessions included in-depth discussions on the dynamic nature of teaching and training for impact (starting with the end goal in mind), as well as strategies for identifying and addressing spiritual challenges while encouraging greater local ownership of programs. 

The conference deeply explored NET’s vision, mission, and core values, sparking meaningful conversations about the opportunities and challenges involved in advancing impact-oriented work for God. Attendees left inspired and equipped to continue their transformative efforts within their communities.