This academic year brings forth a momentous occasion as we extend a warm welcome to Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS) as our new esteemed partner. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings to the forefront of theological education. CBTS is embarking on a transformative journey with the NET Foundation, gradually venturing into our online program. To kickstart this exciting venture, CBTS teachers have undergone comprehensive training on utilizing Its Learning as their chosen online platform.

In recent weeks, witnessing the dedication and enthusiasm of CBTS teachers during the online training sessions has been truly inspiring. Their willingness to embrace this new educational landscape has left us amazed and optimistic about the potential impact on theological education in Cameroon. We firmly believe that these training sessions will not only equip CBTS educators with the necessary tools but also foster a deeper understanding of online education, ultimately strengthening both CBTS and the churches they serve. 

As we collectively navigate this dynamic landscape, we are confident that the partnership with CBTS will be a catalyst for positive change in theological education. Together, we look forward to empowering pastors, church leaders, and communities in Cameroon through the transformative power of online learning.