We are on the threshold of 2022. A good time to look back. What has the past year brought me? Or perhaps it would be better to ask: where has the past year brought me? In 2021, too, the work continued. There were training sessions and conferences to equip pastors. There have been working visits. Theological seminaries make use of our materials. We have entered into a partnership with GlobalRize. All things to be thankful. Did it also connect me more to the Child in the manger, which is what it is all about? Sometimes I can be intensely amazed at what God is doing, while we are only tiny little links. At other times, however, I am – unfortunately – on automatic pilot.


And 2022? Where will that year bring me? 2022, in English shortened as ‘two-two-two’. This is reminiscent of the Bible text that makes our desire clear, 2 Timothy 2:2: ‘And what you have heard of me among many witnesses, entrust also to faithful men who are able to teach others.’ This is what we stood for in 2021 and what we will stand for again in 2022. What we have heard (and seen?) ourselves, we also want to tell others, with the goal that they will spread the Gospel further. This is how the Gospel goes around the world.

God provides the fruit. Keep in mind that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, from the offspring of David, according to my Gospel”, Paul says a little further on. The Child in the manger came for us humans to give His life. Because He was raised from the dead, He conquered death and therefore there is hope, also in 2022.


Two-two-two’ will once again be the guiding principle for us in 2022. We look forward with hope to the future when Jesus will return, when all nations will be reached. And that is why we hurry in our work to equip pastors so that they can pass on the Gospel biblically to local pastors. This is also ‘two-two-two’, Revelation 22:20: ‘He who testifies of these things says, Yes, I am coming soon. Amen. Yes, come, Lord Jesus!

I wish everyone a blessed 2221 (Revelation): ‘The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.