To be honest, I wasn’t that convinced by the Itslearning platform. For me, nothing was better than face-to-face contact.

The speaker is Walter Jasem de la Cruz Que from Mexico. He is a full-time lecturer and professor of historical and systematic theology in Mexico. In addition to these disciplines, he is also active in the fields of church history and dogmatics. He teaches both the history of the Reformation and of the church in Mexico.

In addition to his teaching duties, he also develops the study programme for the subjects and is the contact person for the Itslearning programme. He guides teachers through the programme and helps them along the way.

‘To be honest, I wasn’t that convinced of the itslearning platform. Face-to-face was irreplaceable to me. By working with itslearning in a completely virtual programme, I became more and more convinced of the possibilities of this platform. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, we now reach many more people. Even in remote areas, places we would never have reached otherwise. And secondly, we see how many people who are not theologically trained in the first place, are participating. We also see a greater influx of women who participate, which would not happen face to face.’