Training  is really needed

Equipping pastors worldwide by training local pastors via NET Study Centres. That is our mission. Is training local pastors your desire as well? Are you also touched by the huge need of pastors and preachers to be trained for ministry? Do you have the skills and knowledge to train others, while not having access to practical and biblical teaching materials? Join us!

A small impression of the courses we offer

God’s way of salvation

Salvation is a keyword for every Christian: knowing that you are delivered from your […]

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Survey Old Testament

Reading the Old Testament is like time-travelling. The first pages of the Bible begin […]

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Survey New Testament

The New Testament together with the Old Testament is the Word of God. The […]

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Serving in God’s vineyard

As NET Foundation we offer a curriculum, called ‘Serving in God’s vineyard’. The NET Curriculum consists of ten courses and is meant to equip pastors, evangelists and other Christians with a leadership role in their congregation. We offer you as pastor-trainer access to our NET Curriculum and train you online. On your turn, you can multiply what you have learnt by training pastors and evangelists in your region face-to-face, with our teaching materials. Our curriculum is currently used in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Our curriculum


Pastor Billy

Pastor Billy (Kenya) about Survey of the Old Testament: ‘I will teach the youth […]

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Sister Miriam

Sister Miriam (Kenya) a pastor`s wife Benefit of the course Survey of the Old […]

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Pastor Zemen

Pastor Zemen (Ethiopia) about God’s way of salvation: ‘Greetings and thank you for your […]

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We are working globally, especially in those areas where there is a lack of trained pastors and where Christians are persecuted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are trainers trained by NET?

Mainly online: you follow an online course to get acquainted with the content for the next conference. This online course will be guided by a NET e-coach. And partly face-to-face, to receive guidelines on how to teach the course to others.

What are the requirements?

To train others with our curriculum, motivation and commitment are important. There must also be a network of local pastors and church leaders who want to be equipped for ministry and skills to organise conferences.

What is the level of the face-to-face teaching?

NET Foundation does not facilitate accredited certificates; our main goal is to equip the church. Obviously, every NET Study Centre has the freedom to look for an official degree at a national level, based on the NET Curriculum.

How many students will participate?

The maximum number of students for a conference is 40, the minimum 20. It is possible to attend as a participant, but that means that no certificate will be granted.

In the long term, we wish to establish NET Study Centres that can be mostly or completely online rather than actual physical centres. NET Foundation is working on this concept.

What is the profile of a student?

  • A person who knows Jesus as Lord and has the drive to serve in God’s Kingdom
  • A person who has not been able to study Theology in any formal way and who is willing to go through the entire NET Curriculum as described above
  • Experience in leadership and organizing within a congregation (as a pastor, a Sunday school leader, an evangelist, or otherwise)
  • A good reputation as a Christian (with references)
  • The capacity to write in a local language
  • An aptitude and willingness to learn and to apply what is learned

What is the NET Curriculum?

A biblical and practical curriculum with different themes in which mission is integrated, taught in 9 successive conferences over a period of around three years. Conferences 1 and 8 will take 4 days, the others 3 days (each day consists of 6 blocks of 1 hour).

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Do you want to receive more information or discuss a possible collaboration? Please contact our program coordinator Monique van der Werf.