Where we work

We mainly work in areas where the church has few equipped pastors and where the church is persecuted or discriminated, for example, countries such as Cuba, Pakistan or Colombia. We also have our own study centers in Ecuador, Kenya and Uganda. Support for activities in other areas is currently taking place in China, Colombia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore and other countries.

Strategic partners

NET Foundation works worldwide with local Bible schools and theological seminaries. This has major advantages: they know the culture and speak the language! The way of cooperation can differ in each country. It is important that we recognise each other in terms of identity, mission and professionalism and that we are prepared to work together on the basis of equality. NET often comes into contact with local training courses through the networks of GZB, ZGG, Open Doors, ZOA, IRS, SEZ, Overseas Council and other (diaconal) mission organisations. In recent years, NET has cooperated with around 50 local training institutions.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”