NET at a glance

2006- Initial phase
August 29, 2006: formal foundation of NET Foundation. The chairman of the board is Maarten Burggraaf, former rector of the Dutch Christian University (CHE). Raymond Warnaar was appointed as director. First collaborations started with mission organisations and theological seminaries in Ecuador, Colombia and the Netherlands.

2009- Pioneering phase
NET Foundation supported new Bible schools in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Namibia and South Africa to equip online students. More than two thousand students participated in theological education online. NET moved to the Dutch city of Apeldoorn in 2012 and together with Berlinde Bouw a new start was made to involve volunteers in the work of NET.

2012- Building phase
Through collaboration with Bible schools in Mexico, Bethlehem, the Arabian Peninsula and Kenya, many isolated pastors and evangelists could be equipped online. The number of students worldwide grew towards five thousand. A team of 15 enthusiastic employees and volunteers supported NET’s work in global projects and in fundraising and communication.

2016- Evaluation phase
NET was involved in a specific project in Uganda, where many pastors in remote areas could not be equipped online. Reflection took place: how could we still reach this target group? By NET study centres! We started to develop a personal curriculum with 9 themes for preachers, including basic materials and video lessons.

2019 – Anniversary
In addition to collaboration with local Bible schools, NET decided to open its own study centers in Kenya, Uganda, India, Pakistan, Cuba and Ecuador. The course material was further developed and contextualised, and was translated by local staff. September 2019: Introduction of the new corporate identity.