In one of her radio talks, Corrie ten Boom tells how she attended a conference of an old evangelist. Dr. Stanley Jones, 86 years old, travelled all over the world to bring the Gospel everywhere. During a multi-day conference, which Corrie also attended, he asked the participants to write down the questions they would like to receive answers to. Real questions, which they really struggled with.


At the end of the conference week, there was a big pile of paper next to the lectern, behind which this old evangelist stood. He put his hand on the pile and said: ‘I have read all these questions and I have the same answer to all of them: Jesus! Yes, Jesus is the answer to all questions and to all need.

Corrie: ‘For a moment I thought, “Is it that simple? Isn’t He making it a bit easy?” But then a ray of light came through my heart: He is right! Jesus is the answer! For you, who have a problem, the same answer applies: tell it to Jesus, tell it all to Him. His Name is Wonderful, Counsellor, Strong God, Father of Eternity, Prince of Peace. Tell it all to Him. He is Counsellor and gives advice!

Into the world

This message must go out into the world. It has always been an important message. But especially now, in these times, people need to know that Jesus cares. That He invites us to come to Him. We see around us – and we notice it ourselves – how everyone is tired of the pandemic. Jesus needs to be proclaimed: ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest’. (Mt. 11:28) Jesus is the solution!

Many pastors in Africa preach the prosperity gospel: Give your money to the church and you are guaranteed a place in heaven. And meanwhile these people enrich themselves. They live in luxury, they bathe in money, they have private jets and meanwhile they cheat the ‘ordinary’ people.

The(!) solution

In Africa, too, it is important to know that problems cannot be solved with money. That salvation cannot be bought. They too need to know that Jesus is the solution. They need to know Who Jesus is. That is why we need Bible-based education. From NET we also organize conferences, just like Dr Stanley Jones. We tell pastors who Jesus is, so that they can tell others about Jesus and so that they can bring their problems and needs to Jesus.