Keep your focus on your mission as a foundation!

This time our weekly prayer meeting is led by Emmanuel Akatukunda from our partner school KEST in Uganda. Uganda is sometimes called the ‘pearl of Africa’. It was Winston Churchill who gave this country this name, because it was an easy colony for the British. Easier than the other colonies. Education and health care were in good order. After gaining independence in 1962, things went wrong in Uganda. The enormous contrasts between North and South caused much division. When Yoweri Museveni came to power in 1968, things stabilised somewhat, although at the time Joseph Koni and his ‘Army of the Lord’ still raged in Acholiland, in the north of Uganda. ‘

The name ‘Pearl of Africa’ has acquired a different meaning in the course of time, because of its beautiful and varied nature and rich animal life. In this pearl we also find a number of beautiful smaller pearls. If possible, they shine even more than the country itself. Emmanuel was such a pearl with his encouraging words. From Hebrews 12 he called attention to Esau, who did not stay focused. Esau responded to an instant need. He sold his birthright for it.

We too can be tempted to abandon our mission when everything goes against us. Right now, Uganda is suffering from a severe lockdown. As a result, all kinds of activities have been suspended or are only continuing at a very low level. It is precisely then that much is asked of our perseverance. Endurance is the key. This endurance is not something we have of our own accord. It is God’s grace. But remember: ‘God is in control! Do not give in to the temptation to give up, but keep your focus on your task.

Beautiful, such a pearl from Africa. Emmanuel: God is with us! God is in control!